This series begins where the last Defenders series ended: The core four Defenders are linked, magically, so that whenever one faces a threat, the other three are instantly teleported to help defend against that threat.

The title of issue #1 is, “The Best Defense,” which is a reference to the old adage: The best defense is a good offense. The foursome decide to attack Earth and take it over…For its own good.

Clearly, something is wrong here.

As the story progresses, The Order attack the United Nations, take on all kinds of heroes, and generally just romp and bash through these issues–in a terrifically fun way. (George W. Bush makes an appearance, calling in The Avengers to help.)

To defeat the Defenders, Papa Hagg says they need female versions of the team, and so Nighthawk, Valkyrie and Hellcat summon a Girl-Defenders team with She-Hulk instead of Hulk, Clea subs for Doctor Strange, Namorita=Namor, and for Silver Surfer Clea stabs the genuine article and his blood forms…

Ardina. A new hero.

There are various machinations involving the deceased Yandroth before we get the “big battle” scene, where…I’ll be honest: There’s a big mystical solution here that Papa Hagg is key to, but I got a little lost.

Go home, Daredevil. You’re definitely not needed here.

At the very end, order is restored. Gaea, the Goddess of Earth, lifts Yandroth’s curse but gives Nighthawk a ring that he can use to summon the Defenders when they are needed.

Note: Each issue has smaller numbering of #13-18, referencing the Busiek/Larsen numbering of the recently ended Defenders series. Hence, both series tags appear below.

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