Daredevil #131-132 (1976): 1st Bullseye

Yes!  Time for the debut of Daredevil’s most iconic enemy!

Bullseye is ready for his close-up!

But wait.

He’s kind of corny.

He’s into gadgets and deathtraps and he’s all flamboyant.  And he’s not nearly psycho enough.  But he is still able to turn anything into a weapon.

In his first appearance, Bullseye does amazing lethal and nonlethal things with a paper airplane, a grenade, a garbage can, bowling pins, a tuning fork, and a pen.  That’s the fun part.  Actually, the best part is when Bullseye literally uses a human cannonball as a weapon against Daredevil. He’s a criminal for hire.

Marv Wolfman immediately establishes Bullseye as Marvel’s most explicitly violent character, even surpassing Punisher.  And like Punisher, Bullseye’s origins go back to Vietnam, where he was a natural born killer.

Daredevil beats the crap out of him.  It’s actually a pretty painful battle to see.

This is the beginning of Daredevil becoming a darker, more serious book-but it really picks up speed in a year, when Frank Miller takes over.

A bit of trivia: Bob Brown was the artist, but John Romita Jr. is generally credited as designing Bullseye’s look.

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