Namor #6-9 (1990): Namor loses his footwings

Polluters create a big toxic garbage sea monster that eats Namorita. Very Kirbyesque.

The important thing about this story is that the garbage monster eats his footwings, so he can’t fly.

Then he literally loses his head.

A new villain called Headhunter (we will never see her again, thankfully), has the power to cut off people’s heads but keep them alive.  She’s behind the Sludge Monster, and cuts off Namor’s head.

Except later it’s revealed that they didn’t really get their heads cut off, they were just encased in a wall so it would look that way.

It’s all very strange, but it gives us a chance to see Namorita jumping in to save Namor—where it’s almost always the opposite in most stories.

Also it looks like Danny “Iron Fist” Rand isn’t dead after all, and Misty Knight and Colleen Wing are looking into what will almost certainly be a future story.

And because John Byrne learned from Chris Claremont, there’s another story brewing: Golden Age Human Torch has a subplot where we see the WWII Nazi villain Master Man is back, and he kidnaps GAHT and his girlfriend, which really sets up the next story.

Creator: John Byrne
Grade: C

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