SILVER SURFER #132-134 (1997)

It’s time to resolve the B-story that ran during the extended storyline about Silver Surfer being split into two beings. It involves interdimensional beings who worship Surfer and have kidnapped Puppet Master.

Surfer and Alicia save Puppet Master, who dies (briefly), meets Mephisto, and returns to life repentent. He creates a new messiah for the race–to atone for his past evil deeds. He chooses to stay with the beings, as Surfer and Alicia return to Earth.

Throughout, the evil aliens called The Other are still lurking about. That storyline has been going on forever, it seems. But it looks like it’s about to come to the forefront, as at the end of #134, Surfer returns to Alicia, sick, and Scrier appears in her living room.

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