Marvel Holiday Special (1992)

A bunch of short stories with a Christmas focus. If that’s your thing, you’ll dig it. If not, this might be a bit of a slog for you.

Story #1: Zounds of Silence by Larry Hama and Michael Golden A kid plays with a Wolverine toy until his mom pulls him away. A perfectly fine, wordless story with amazing art by Michael Golden (above).

Story #2 is just a New Warriors short story by the team who creates the series. This is basic promo stuff.

Stories #3 and #4 are Spider-Man and Punisher, respectively. Because you don’t have enough opportunities to see these characters. Nothing bad here, but nothing great, either. Stan the Man shares the writing credit (with Richard Howell) on the Spider-Man tale.

Peter David and John Hebert offer the fifth tale–about Doc Samson. It’s cute. He tries to tell kids a traditional tale about Hannukah and they’re bored and want more action. So he adds superheroes.

It’s kind of meta–a comic using heroes on a Holiday about a storyteller who is a hero adding heroes to a story about nonpowered humans honored on a Holiday.

Then, a ho-hum Iron Man story where he gives a job to a new Blizzard. And a predictable Daredevil story involving nuns. Both are fine for Christmas stories.

And we close with the best part: Jim Starlin and Ron Lim!


Thanos gets the Christmas spirit. It’s actually a story in the middle of this issue, but it’s the best part so I saved it for last.

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