GHOST RIDER #53-55 (1994)

What happens in these issues is a good lesson in why it’s important to have a visionary editor-in-chief. At this point in time, Marvel was just struggling to sell as many comics as it could — dollars over content. And so what had begun as a truly serialized comic book series that felt like it had a purpose and a goal became the last seasons of Lost: Rudderless and random.

Blackout returns. The reporter who’s been part of the supporting cast of this comic since issue #1 threatens to kill herself on live TV, but Blackout intervenes to stop her. Then he eats her.

Why? Why doesn’t he just let her kill herself?

It’s very ponderous. And the next issue, #55, is a fill-in by Warren Ellis, followed by a two-issue arc with mutants and Nick Fury, so don’t expect any answers. They’ll never come.

As for #55, it’s got Werewolf by Night. Weirdly, so did #55 of Johnny Blaze’s Ghost Rider series. It’s also got Warren Elllis and Mr. Hyde.

But it’s still not good.

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