QUICKSILVER #4-6 (1998)

Crystal takes her husband to New Attilan.

Lots of family/character stuff but Pietro can’t sit still knowing that the Knights of Wundagore need his leadership. He also has issues with the Inhmans’ practice of exposing their children to the Terrigen Mists, so he steals them…

…And winds up in Attilan jail for it.

That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Of course not. Of course Maximus was controlling his mind. Anyway, Wanda visits him in jail.

She is quite protective of Crystal!

Wanda also reunites with Bova.

All of these are nice moments that are more interesting than the big Maximus conflict, because it is the same as all the other big Maximus conflicts. Nothing terrible about it, we’ve just seen it so many times by now.

Maximus also gets Black Bolt to speak and cause chaos.

But of course in the end Quicksilver helps save the day.

Maximus escapes.

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