Quasar #57-58 (1994)

This issue kind of continues from the Starblast event, which brought the “New Universe” into our universe but immediately sealed it off behind an impenetrable barrier on a planet controlled by Stranger.

They’re all still there, along with Quasar, Monica “current Captain Marvel” Rambeau, and Carol “former Captain Marvel” Danvers.  The New Universe folks want to get out of the barrier, but Living Tribunal has other ideas.  He restores balance by sending the 616 heroes back to Earth and keeping the New U folks on Stranger’s planet.

Living Tribunal serves as the adjudicator of the barrier, and denies Quasar the ability to see Kayla Ballantine—the new Star Brand—who is kept behind the barrier.

He forces Quasar to choose where he will live because Tribunal won’t let him go back and forth.  Obviously, Q chooses the 616 universe over his girlfriend.

It’s kind of a reverse Silver Surfer–instead of him being trapped in an escapable bubble, his girlfriend is.

Then, Quasar has another “who is the fastest in the galaxy” contest to blow off steam, which is a lot of fun. Makkari wins.

There’s s subplot with Kismet, but does anyone really care about her?

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