Marvel Super Heroes #15 (1993): Series Ends

Four stories and some pin-ups close out this series.

First, (what feels like an inventory) Iron Man story by Keith Pollard, David Kraft and Len Kaminski. Next, Volstagg tells a story about a grand adventure to some Asgardian kids. It’s a solid story, written by Walt Simonson. It’s followed by another Thor story by Bill Mantlo and Don Heck, which feels like another inventory story. All of that is not only unnecessary, but it cheapens this final story, which is really, really cool.

Rick Parker writes and draws a tribute to Golden Age comics in a truly bizarre Dr. Druid story that also involves Texas Twister and Shooting Star. Shooting Star isn’t having sex with Twister anymore, and Dr. Druid susses out the cause.

Hilarious. Truly. It gets a B+, while the rest of the issue is an F.

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