Marvel Team-Up #123 (1982): Daredevil

One thing nice about 1980s Marvel was how all the issues seemed to tie together, often with some kind of continuity note on the splash page.  Here, Spider-Man is in the hospital after his battle with Man-Thing.  Yeah, he’s still fully in costume, and he has a sling to elevate just his wrist, but whatever, it’s still cute.

Solarr attacks the hospital trying to kill a client of Matt Murdock’s, which leads to a Spidey and Daredevil team up.

Another thing we saw a lot of in the 1980s were rooftop water towers.  Let me assure you, though, that New York City doesn’t have that many water towers, and they certainly weren’t being used to supply water to buildings by the time the 1980s came along.  Still, they enabled heroes and villains to get wet when necessary for the story.

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