Spider-Man Unlimited #13 is about Ben Reilly Spider-Man, and I have boycotted those issues on this site because I just hate them.  But in #13, Luke Cage puts on his yellow shirt and tiara and Danny Rand puts on his green tights, and the duo work with Spider-man to stop Scorpion.  Colleen Wing, Misty Knight and D.W. Griffith all show up as well.  It’s a nice reunion.  And at the end of the issue, Danny heads out to “find himself.”  This leads directly into Iron Fist #1, where Danny meets Tath Ki, The Contemplator, an Elder of the Universe who looks like a baby.

This leads to a well-drawn but overall pointless story in which The Steel Serpent takes the Iron Fist away from Danny Rand but then Danny gets it back less than 20 pages later.

There’s lots of stuff that looks like this:

I suppose this is a decent way to reintroduce a character who “died” and then returned to life because of plant aliens (see John Byrne’s work with Iron Fist in the Namor title—or don’t see it because it’s not very good).

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