Hulk #27-28/501-502 (2001)

Last issue was #500, according to the legacy numbering on the cover of this issue, and it was a quiet done-in-one.  These two issues, if put together as a giant-size, would have been perfect for #500.  Why?  Well for one thing, they feature John Romita Jr. as the guest artist.  For another, they begin to bring Banner’s mind back into a single piece.  And they also close out Jenkins’ very good run on this title.

For several months now, all of Hulk’s personae have been coming out, seemingly randomly (and yet also aptly based on the situations presented).  These issues take place in Banner’s mind, where, still grieving the loss of Betty, he fantasizes about a better life, revisits his life with his abusive father, and confronts the various versions of Hulk that dwell within him.

It ends with Hulk smashing Banner in the dream, and Bruce waking up in tears—still mourning Betty.

So…Not much happens, but it’s a great read thanks to Paul Jenkins’ script.  This could have been a turning point for the title, but from here there will not be a fixed creative team for a bunch of issues until Bruce Jones comes aboard as writer and tells a really, really great Hulk story.

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