UNCANNY X-MEN #186 (1984)

And so we come to one of the most special comics of the early ’80s.

Using Forge’s adapted ROM-based neutralizer, Henry Peter Gyrich de-powered Storm last issue.

Forge takes Storm to his home to help her recover.

The two become romantic…

They also get deep. Forge reveals he lost his leg in Vietnam and wanted to kill himself.

Dude. All you did was lose your leg. She lost the ability to fucking fly and control weather.

All seems to be going well–and the art and writing are outstanding–until…

…Storm realizes that he designed the neutralizer that has affected her and punches him in the face.

And the Dire Wraiths are looking for them…

We’re in the Dire Wraith war, which will continue and conclude in the next two issues.

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