Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 (1975): 1st Madrox!

Madrox the Multiple Man started as kind of a joke, as the villain in Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4. Not that the joke isn’t funny. Here’s what happens when Madrox is slapped at birth…

The team struggles against Madrox.

Until the cavalry arrives on a helicopter tractor beam.

Professor X saves the day with mind control, renewing my question: If he’s willing to do this, then there should never be any problems in the world. He can do it all the time.

Why did a regular future member of several X-teams get his debut in an issue of Fantastic Four?  Why, because Len and Chris wrote the issue!

Fortunately, Peter David got the character into X-Factor and turned him into a noir-ish fellow tormented by his own fracturing psyche. Madrox, when written by David, is probably one of the most complex and intricately developed characters in the Marvel Universe.

Fun fact: According to the great CBSBG site, he started out as “Zerrox the Multiple Man” before Xerox threatened litigation.

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