This annual focuses on Cannonball, who really is more of a New Mutant/X-Force guy than an Uncanny, but honestly the teams and different titles have barely any meaning any more. Every “X” comic is just an orgy of violence and muscles and dozens of characters.

Cannonball goes to the Massachusetts Academy, home of Generation X, to take his sister Husk back home where their sister is in trouble. Wolverine, Storm and Bishop go along to help.

Turns out, Larry Trask (living in a robot) and his uncle Simon Trask (1st appearance) are there forming an(other!) anti-mutant group.

Simon only appears in shadow.

Joelle Guthrie–the younger sister of Sam and Paige–has joined, jealous of her siblings’ powers.

While visiting the Guthries, Sam’s brother Josh makes an appearance but his powers still do not manifest.

Of course, fights with robots happen next. The Trasks don’t have new Sentinetls–they have an army of Nimrods.

In the end, Joelle sees the error of her ways.

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