DAREDEVIL #247 (1987): K Giffen art

daredevil 247

#247 has art by Keith Giffen!!!!

Story-wise, it advances the plot about super-soldiers continuing from Born Again.  Ann Nocenti really only tells two stories during her multi-year run: This one, and one where Daredevil fights the actual Devil (Mephisto).  This story doesn’t really pan out very well–there’s lots of interesting character work, but it never feels as “big” as it should and never gives us a satisfying conclusion.  But then, Nocenti doesn’t seem to care about giving us closure.  She’s much more into the philosophy of comic books, using them to explore feminism and the meaning of “hero.”  It makes for a very interesting, albeit dense, run.

Also: They fight alligators in the sewer.

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