WOLVERINE #154-155 (2000): All Along the Watchtower

Rob Liefeld takes over as writer and artist, introducing a conspiracy group called The Watchtower (no relation to the Jehova’s Witnesses).

Big muscles.

Bad feet.

Yep. Rob’s back. (I tease Rob because everyone knows feet are his weakness, but in all honestly he’s a really, really nice guy. Great to kids at conventions and someone who really cares about the things he creates.)

In this story, Deadpool kidnaps Logan on behalf of Watchtower, where Siryn is also being held.


Turns out, the Administrator of Watchtower actually has kindness in his heart–wanting to use Wolverine’s healing factor to heal Siryn and other patients. (Why didn’t he use Deadpool’s healing factor?)

Siryn’s in a glass tube. Yay! I get to use my tag, below, which revels in the grand tradition of Marvel characters being held captive in clear containers.

There are others being held by Administrator. They help Logan get free, and Logan vows to take Watchtower down.

Logan and Siryn flee the scene.

It will end up taking a while. The group will disappear for four years, with Liefeld leaving-then-returning to Marvel to write X-Force.

Issue #155 has a tribute cover.

It recalls MacFarlane’s classic.

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