Cyclops #1-4 (2001-2002)

Cyclops goes on vacation to Alaska, fights Juggernaut (he uses his visor to cut away ice under his feet and drop him into a freezing cold lake), and goes after a mysterious dude named Ulysses, who hired Juggy to attack Cyclops.  Ulysses turns out to be part of a human, nonpowered military group that was trained to hunt mutants.  Cyke takes him down.

It’s a solid story with several interesting twists and really good writing and art.  One nice touch: Ulysses wears ruby quartz armor, so Cyclops can’t hurt him with his blasts.

Not all comics have to have global threats and be important. Sometimes, it’s nice just to have a good story.  Marvel seemed to have forgotten that in the ‘90s.  This comic, and many others coming out at this time, are an effort to get back to focusing on storytelling rather than “events.”

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  1. Nice overview, but Cyclops did not “use his visor” to defeat the Juggernaut in this tale- he actually accomplished that with his trusty optic beam! The visor simply allows Cyclops to regulate the beam’s intensity! Just sayin’!


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