MORBIUS #25-29 (1994-1995): Jagged Edge

Marvel attempts to rebrand this series, with #25 promising the “first issue of a dark new era.” But it looks like this:

I really don’t understand what’s so “new” about it, other than that it’s two stories’ long and there are some pin-ups in the back. Well, I guess there’s the fact that he gets cured in the end of this story. (Be we all know that won’t last.)

But the back up feature is pretty fun. He retells his own origin, with a cameo by Sesame Street’s own vampire. I’m counting that as a celebrity cameo.

Anyway, issue #25 is not billed as part of the “Jagged Edge” story, but it is. Issue #26 picks right up where #25 left off–with Morbius arguing with a woman who he saved from death by eating the guy who was about to kill her. Despite having been rescued, she doesn’t think Morbius had the right to kill him.

From there, it’s a messy story about Morbius trying to find a cure (again). I did like this panel though, which shows what happens when Morbius shows up in Marlene’s bedroom and he’s on fire, but Martine doesn’t really seem all that upset by it.

I mean, come on. That’s pretty funny. Sadly, though, there’s no indication that it is supposed to be funny–and therein lies the problem.

Jack Russell appears, trying to help Morbius not eat people anymore. A scientist seems to find a cure. He injects Morbius. Morbius seems to die. Caretaker arrives to help bury him. Danny Ketch, Blade, and others visit his grave. Even the Darkhold Dwarf comes to the funeral.

And that’s the last straw for Morbius, who springs back to life in his coffin…Cured!

So it’s kind of like a Midnight Sons “old home week.” Too bad the writing and art are so awful.

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