UNCANNY X-MEN #332-333 and WOLVERINE #101-103 (1996): 1st Ozymandias

These issues continue the feral Wolverine story, and also are the last issues before the Onslaught event. Given that that event changes just about everything in the 616 Universe, it feels hollow to go to much into detail here.

It is notable that the story introduces Ozymandias, an ancient character who controls carvings and speaks about himself in the third person and signals the return of Apocalypse and the coming of Onslaught.

Wolverine meets Ozy as he’s wandering around, locked in feral mode. The X-Men–and Elektra–are looking for him.

And ultimately, his fight with Elektra seems to restore him to sanity.

That art. Ugh.

These are the last issues before Onslaught.

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