Uncanny X-Men #423-424 (2003): Holy War

The X-Men find Jubilee, Magma, Skin, Bedlam, and some other, unnamed mutants crucified on their lawn.

That’s gruesome.

Bedlam and Skin (and the unnamed ones) stay dead, but using the new healing factor in Angel’s blood they are able to bring Jubilee and Magma back to life. 

The team storms a Church of Humanity base and finds a chamber of horrors underneath it, with mutants dissected, tortured, etc.  Then they all beat up the Church after learning that the Church had planned to make Nightcrawler the new pope, since the existing one is actually a demon.

I mean, basically that’s what happens.  The writing is overwrought and over-the-top.  It’s all pretty awful.  I know Bedlam was already dead, but Skin deserved a better end than this.

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