Agent X #1-6 (2002-2003): The Dead Man’s Switch

Agent X is the reboot of Deadpool, and part of the September/October wave of new #1s. It seems odd to me that Marvel thought the generic name “Agent X” would sell better than something with “Deadpool” in the title.

Anyway, it’s by Gail Simone. That’s rarely a bad thing. Even when the art is by the “Udon” collective, which creates generic, computer-driven art.

Nijo has amnesia, but when Deadpool’s receptionist realizes that he has a healing factor, and assumes that he is actually Deadpool (since her boss usually changed his appearance with an image inducer). She brings him to Deadpool’s graves (because he’s died twice already).

Hoping to trigger his memory, she decides to get Taskmaster and Outlaw to train him.

But he’s NOT Deadpool.

He turns out tobe a “natural” assassin, so Taskmaster and Outlaw start giving him assignments. His first job is to steal Punisher’s guns.

Which is hilarious. Punisher steals Outlaw and Agent X’s clothes and leaves them on the street.

He then takes a protection gig guarding a jewelry store that gets robbed. One of the customers, Mary Zero, is a minor and a mutant…

And falls in love with Nijo when he saves her. Strangely, only Agent X can see or hear her.

She becomes part of the cast as the plot tightens. Taskmaster wants to kill Agent X (his reasons aren’t entirely clear), and tells the Four Winds crime family that X is really Deadpool (again, he’s not). An army of mercs come after X and he defeats them all. (Notably, one of them is Rhino who is still cheesed at Deadpool for having turned him into a keyring–but he’s normal-sized now).

We also meet Batroc’s sister (who dies) and a new female Tarantula.

These are good stories but the art is distractingly bad.

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