MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #123-130 (1993): Wolverine and Le Peregrine

Like every other MCP Wolverine story, this is told in 8-page installments.  This one runs across 8 issues, which makes it 64 pages.  Basically, it’s like one oversized issue.  But Scott Lobdell can’t stick around to finish it, handing the last two installments to Dan Slott.  It’s hard enough to keep readers interested, month after month, when all they get are little pieces of the tale every two weeks.  But it’s even harder to make it a decent read when the plotter can’t stick around for the big finish.

Anyway, Wolverine is now a vigilante protecting people who are kidnapped by mad scientists, since that’s what happened to him.  He does that here, saving a woman called Lynx (who we will never see again) from some evil scientists (who we will never see again) that hired Le Peregrine–the French mercenary–as a bodyguard.  Lynx gets a costume, even, and yet this is her sole appearance.

Wolverine can’t take out Peregrine on his own, so Nick Fury and Black Widow guest star when Fury decides he wants to take the test subjects for himself.

There’s some potential here, although admittedly yet-another Weapon X rip off is a little tedious.  It could have been cool to see a SHIELD program where the organization hunts down and recruits evil scientists, turning them to work for the U.S.  But no, this doesn’t develop into anything with lasting impact.

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