This 2-comic series was not canon but it’s Peter David so…I’m writing about it. David wrote it way back in 1986, but the editors kept messing with it so he walked. In 1995, he came back to tell the story as part of Marvel’s “Alterniverse” line, which was basically What If? without the fun of the Watcher. Dark stories for dark times.

In the future, most Avengers are dead. How? Let’s start with how Hulk killed Tigra.


Captain America was assassinated while running for President. Scarlet Witch was killed by her own brother when he showed up at her wedding to Vision and tried to assassinate Vision but missed his target.

Yeah, this is some dark stuff. But I bet it was fun to write.

In the superheroless vacuum, the U.S. Government hired villains to kill off the remaining heroes.

Ultron blows up Avengers Mansion.

Kang’s involved. Hank and Jan are still alive and have to stop him.

Anyway, I liked it–even if it is not a comic that “matters.”

I haven’t tagged the characters appearing because although everyone is in it, it’s not a 616 story.

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