Marvel Comics Presents #41 (1990): Freedom Force

First, the idea of a story focusing on Freedom Force is a good one.  Having Blob, Pyro, etc. all working for the Government has mad potential.  But this is just a quick story, so don’t get too excited.  Actually, we do get to see Dave Cockrum drawing mutants again so, maybe yeah, get excited.

In these few pages, Mystique’s crew rescue Senator Robert Kelly, who was kidnapped by a drug-dealing South American mutant and his gang of idiots.

Blob does most of the heavy lifting.

And Mystique gives a speech about how bad drug dealers are.

This, from a gal who engineered a Federal prison break that had to have killed multiple guards. Among all the other things she’s done.

It’s 8 pages, so it’s quick.  But for what it is, it’s fun. I’d like more please.

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