Nomad #20 (1993)

In an attempt to boost sales (I’m assuming), members of Cable’s “first” team in our 616 timeline, Six Pack, appear in this issue.  They’re on the cover, but they’re not mentioned by name—which is odd, because Kane, Grizzly, and Domino aren’t the most recognizable characters.  Especially in 1993, when they had only been around for about a year.

They are way more powerful than Nomad.

He breaks his wrist on Grizzly.

As someone who didn’t read about them in real time, it’s neat to see the roots of a character like Domino, who has become an important B-list hero in the Marvel Universe.

Six Pack is on the hunt for some tech on behalf of Nick Fury, and Nomad ends up destroying it in the end because he’s afraid of what Fury would do with it—thus, Nomad retains his “outlaw” status.  It’s a fairly predictable, trite ending, but the action along the way was good.

As far as Nomad stories go, this is one of the better ones. Six Pack mostly appear in “big” stories with huge casts, so it’s nice to see them get some extended screentime.

Also, evil executive Giscard Epurer is nearly killed by Baby Bucky’s mom, who apparently was supposed to kill Nomad. I’m sure I was supposed to know that already but just wasn’t reading close enough.

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