GHOST RIDER #71-76 (1996): Vengeance, Hellgate die

Snowblind is resurrected by Anton Hellgate for an evil plot, Johnny Blaze returns to help Ketch fight him, others join in, there are new Hellgate minions…I just don’t care about any of this. The writing is lazy and derivative, the art is clunky (and i respect Salvador Larroca–it just looks rushed).

I want to be a good blogger, but this feels like punishment more than hobby. Marvel couldn’t even be bothered to make sure it culminated in #75, which is traditionally an opportunity for an oversize issue. Anyway, none of this matters except to say that Vengeance and Hellgate destroy each other when Vengeance uses his “judgement” power on himself…

Snowblind is still at large. John Blaze decides it’s time to kill Danny Ketch’s Ghost Rider.

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