FANTASTIC FOUR #171-175: Another Galactus Story (1976)


Scripted by Roy Thomas, with a Bill Mantlo fill-in, this Galactus story starts out kind of stupid—with the FF facing a gold-plated cross between King Kong and Mighty Joe Young.


The arc is basically just a series of big fights, which is kind of fun, until High Evolutionary steps in and we learn that he used his powers to evolve species on “Counter Earth,” and will have to fight Galactus to protect it.


It’s funny because in this widescreen panel, the editor says “And that’s just what happens—next issue!”

But then on the last page of the next issue, High Evo and Galactus are still doing their pre-battle trash talk, and we’re promised that next issue will be the “climax” and “conclusion.”
But then, in the next issue, Impossible Man saves the day!
See, that sells the whole story for me.  I dug it.

Now remember, Thing was cured a few issues ago and has been wearing an exoskeleton. In this story, Galactus uses his cosmic power to punish Ben for fighting him and turns him back into Thing.

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