HOWARD THE DUCK #22-27 (1978)

Giant salt shakers, Man-Thing and Dakimh, a two-issue Star Wars satire (“May the Farce be With You/Star Waaugh”), and a wrap-up issue in #24. And Dr. Bong, who forced Beverly to marry him.

Rape jokes aren’t funny anymore, but also we’re not supposed to like Dr. Bong.

I so want to like this comic, but I just don’t.

The Circus of Crime arc that follows is better because it’s not like an issue of Crazy Magazine. It’s actually a story, not a series of high-concept jokes and puns. Howard, who has chronic ennui, is taken in by Ringmaster, realizes the circus is a crime front, and escapes.

It is nice, though, to see the Circus drawn by Gene Colan.

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