Captain Marvel #2-3 (1968)

I want to like this book, I really do.  But I don’t.  It’s not that it’s awful, it’s just so…Pedestrian.  And it’s not like it’s because it’s a Silver Age book that’s been redone and ripped off for decades—by the time it came out, it was already hack-y.

Consider the main threat there:  Captain Marvel has a briefcase bomb that literally can destroy Earth.  The Skrulls want to steal it.  Meh.

But at least we get a Gene Colan rendering of Super Skrull.  That’s neat.  His art in this series is really good.

Still, in the end, this story is sowing the seeds for the Kree-Skrull war that will come about years later.  So that’s something.

Also: Lame letters page title.

Grade: C+.  The “+” is for the significance of it laying the groundwork for the bigger Kree stories in the future.  And the art.

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