HEROES FOR HIRE #14 (1998)

Black Knight fights a dragon who owes the IRS back taxes. Seriously.

That’s fucking genius. I dig John Ostrander.

Malekith–posing as a financial executive–is infiltrating the world of finance to undermine Dane “Black Knight” Whitman’s company. The FBI suspects Malekith’s human form of malfeasance and recruits Whitman to help with their investigation.

By the end of the issue, Black Knight figures out that Malekith is back.

Meanwhile, Misty Knight and White Tiger are fighting over Iron Fist. Misty agrees to let White Tiger “have” Danny if she’ll just talk about her feelings with him.

Iron Fist is Leo DiCaprio?? Is that fancasting?

Also: She-Hulk does her best fourth wallbreaking in a long time…

This is the first Marvel Comic by artist Mary Mitchell, best known for her subsequent work on DC’s Gotham Knights.

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