SPIDER-MAN #94 (1998)

Why did they add “Peter Parker” to the title of adjectiveless Spider-Man.  It’s been here since the Clone Saga ended, and it just makes distinguishing this book from several others, like Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man (not to be confused with “Spectacular Spider-Man,” which was the same series but for some reason they dropped the “Peter Parker” part) and Peter Parker Spider-Man, which arrives next year after THIS book is cancelled.

Sigh.  Pardon my rant. 

A while ago, Spider-Man was framed by Norman Osborn for killing a criminal named Joey Z.  This issue has Spidey trying to find out who Joe was because…He’s having nightmares about him?

The concept for this story is dumb.  Even more dumb?  The Watcher introduces it for absolutely no reason at all.  This isn’t a “What If?” and there is no universal threat.

Do you care who Joey Z is?  He’s dead, and his death served solely as a reason for Peter Parker to adopt several other identities.  Well, if you do care, he was a former Yancy Street gang member (the Thing guest stars), and worked both for Silvermane and Hellfire Club.

This issue brings back Ox of The Enforcers, who I thought was dead.  They explain it (it’s confusing and probably doesn’t fit with continuity but I’m not digging into it).  He’s working for Kingpin now, and his twin brother is working with The Enforcers.

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