AVENGERS #188 (1979): 1st Elements of Doom

The Avengers take Quicksilver home to Attilan.

Where he learns that his wife, Crystal, is pregnant.

During the flight back to New York, Beast reads over the Book of Darkhold, which was part of the last big arc.

Given that it turned Scarlet Witch evil, she has strong feelings.

After, the team goes to Russia to fight some elementals. They’re called The Elements of Doom. But it’s not like Earth, Wind and Fire. It’s actual elements…

I’ve given them a collective tag because in the late 1990s, they appear in the Thunderbolts comic. If I’m still doing this blog when I get to that era, I’ll use the tag again.

The Elements arise in Russia.


Scarlet Witch moves the Russian Army out of the way.

Falcon needs rescuing.

Etc. The Avengers win.

Bill Mantlo filled-in for Dave Michelinie, based on a Jim Shooter plot, but Byrne still provided pencils.  Mantlo was known for his ability to turn scripts around overnight, so he was a go-to guy for these done-in-ones.  Perfectly fine story, but not much of import occurs.

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