Wolverine #17-23 (1989-1990)

Great cover!  But I confess to not really understanding these issues.  

There’s a whole bunch of characters and they’re all affected by drugs and shadowy drug-dealing to create supervillains.  Part of the problem is that a bunch of new people are introduced but they’re never used again, leading to a wide cast of characters that can be hard to follow.

There’s a Tiger Shark fight in the middle that directly ties to Acts of Vengeance.

How does he just cut Tiger Shark’s skin-tight clothes in that panel without cutting his chest?

Anyway, the AoV tie-in feels a bit random.

There are some nice touches.  Like one villain, Geist, literally walks around shaving people’s beards and mustaches.  It’s a creepy kink.  And the adventure moves from Madripoor to South America, which is cool because so much of the Marvel Universe’s action is located in New York City.

It also explores Wolverine’s “bezerker” mode, having him go nuts several times in the story (sometimes due to drugs, which, again, are all over this story), and showing him try to come to terms with this side of himself, which he’s ashamed of.

Tonally, it’s a perfectly good Wolverine story—but you really only need to read it if you love his solo adventures.

Art has John Byrne on breakdowns and Klaus Janson on finishes, and it is really cool to see these two titans working together.


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