MOON KNIGHT #14 (1981): New Moon Copter

Let’s take a moment to admire how cool MK’s new copter looks. 


This is the first time we see the fully tricked out moon copter complete with crescent flourish on the tail. As for the tale of this book (see what I did there?), Moon Knight meets Stained Glass Scarlet.

As he often does, Sienkiewicz gives us a beautiful, symbolic splash page. Then, Doug Moench offers an atmospheric villain with a noir-ish story…

She used to be a nun, and her son is a killer who is hunted down by Moon Knight.

On his way out to the mission, we are reminded that he is a full-on schizophrenic.

We don’t see Moon Knight like this after Doug Moench leaves this title–a person with a truly and completely fractured personality.

Moon Knight hunts the son, but finds the mother. And then, of course, the son is revealed and punched in the head.

At first, Moon Knight is winning.

But the killer shoots Moon Knight before he can take him down, and Scarlet is forced to kill her own son.

Scarlet will be back.

Scarlet’s motivations and the dark ending for her son makes Marc introspective about his own death-and-redemption.

What superheroes get to this level of genuine authenticity? What superhero comics take the time to get deep like this? Very few.

We end with Rubber Soul provoking an emotional reaction…

Marlene is so awesome.

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