Punisher War Journal #25-27 (1990-1991)

Punisher goes to Sicily because he’s Italian and every Italian has to make the pilgrimage.  Actually, he goes because he killed a corrupt cop and has to hide out.

While there, he fights the original mob after he finds that his family’s graves have been messed with. The cover says that his family is unearthed.

This is very misleading, since it’s his ancestors–not the wife and kids slain by the mob.

But at least the art is good. It’s Michael Golden.

The big bad is Saracen, who we’ve seen before in these pages. Their big fight is pretty cool…

I graded this story as a C+–slightly better than average. It’s not that Baron’s run is bad or anything, it’s just kind of the same story every time—and if you like it, you’ll like the run.

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