Captain America #257 (1981)

Another fill-in issue.  They’ll continue until mighty Mike Zeck and the great J.M. DeMatteis take over in issue #261. And to make matters worse, this one is inked by “Many Hands,” which always produces a lopsided, inconsistent comic.  I could barely read this one, it was so bad.  

In the meantime, enjoy the complete lack of consistent perspective in the page above.  Hulk’s hands are as big as Cap’s body! No, he’s just a little bigger!  No, he’s about the same size!

Thankfully, it ends prematurely.

Then, we get some “humor” pages reprinted from Marvel’s attempt at self-satire, Not Brand Echh, at the back of the issue.

Jim Shooter takes plot credit, and “M. Hands” is the inker.

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