MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32 (1976): 1st Spider-Woman

The first appearance of Spider-Woman has her infiltrating a SHIELD base.

But things are not as they might seem. Nick Fury is being held by Hydra at the same base.

Is she part of that Hydra contingent? She says she loves one of their agents!

Marvel Spotlight #32, which introduced the world to Spider-Woman, hit the stands on November 9, 1976.

Her origin story involves her being born with her powers, treated as a witch in a small European village, and then adopted by Hydra before Nick Fury makes her a double agent.

She didn’t really like being a double agent.

Below is the first paragraph from the review from The Comics Journal. It’s not kind.


And while I admit that her first appearance wasn’t great, it was better than her second, in Spider-Woman #1.  Arguably, Jessica Drew wasn’t great–wasn’t even “good”–until Brian Michael Bendis brought her into The New Avengers. Her early appearances were good enough, though, to get her her own TV show.  The first woman hero to have her own show from Marvel!

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