ALPHA FLIGHT #3-5 (1997)

The team goes to investigate happenings at the orphanage-for-supers called Hull House, where they meet and fight Chinook–a character so minor that he’s never seen again.

For the “b” story, Sunfire is still being tortured in Department H and some of the younger Alpha Flight members break him out, only to learn that Sunfire was there to find out if there was a cure to the radiation disease, caused by his power set, which is killing him. While they’re out, they take on Mesmero. Unable to defeat him, the rest of the team join the battle after the whole Chinook thing is sorted out. Mesmero escapes in the end.

By way of character, the love triangle of Heather and the young clone of her deceased husband and Puck continues.

And seeding future stories, both Shaman and Wild Child are shown learning about the existence of the new Alpha Flight, and there’s more drips and drabs about the Zodiac Gang.

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