X-FORCE #94-95 (1999)

X-Force head to Genosha—which is now under Magneto’s rule—to join up with Pete Wisdom, who shows them a store that has boxes filled with other peoples’ memories, which they use to find and take down a cybernetics lab in Genosha that had stolen the brain of one of Pete Wisdom’s old espionage buddies.

Although there’s not really much point to a lot of this story, there are some nice moments—particularly when Magneto confronts the team and sees how some of the members have progressed since their days in the New Mutants as his students

Along the way, Cannonball recovers a box with his own memories in it—of his father and brother killing someone. He’ll investigate that memory next issue.  Also, Sunspot meets Selene on a beach in Sao Paulo and she makes him an offer (but we don’t know what the offer is yet).

Note that the cover to #95 (“Welcome to Genosha…Hope you survive!”) is a not to the cover of Uncanny X-Man #149.

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