Quasar #8 (1990)

This is an odd cover.  First of all, it has a dog-ear that says it is a Secret Wars tie-in, but it’s not.  It just has the armor Iron Man got from the Beyonderworld (aka Omnivore). And it says “don’t blink or you’ll miss Warlock and the New Mutants,” but they’re on the splash page and the entire first three pages of the book, clear and in plain sight. You can blink.


Quasar’s floating head friend Eon has been warning of an alien invasion, but Quasar doesn’t know when the attack will happen or who the alien will be, so he’s on an X-Files type mission to search the planet for aliens.  The first three pages, as mentioned above, show him investigating Warlock, and identifying him as non-hostile.

Then he spends the rest of the issue fighting a robot alien called Tenarch, who has taken over Project Pegasus and is looking for the Secret Wars gloves, allowing for a guest appearance by Blue Shield (who is now the Security Chief of the installation).

Quasar is supposed to be a neophyte to heroism, but he takes a rare mentorship role with Blue Shield….

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  1. Dazzler should’ve been a recurring character in this series because Quasars her future love interest I definitely ship those two as a cosmic lightbased power couple.

    • It would be cool to see Dazzler in a story where she can stand out. I don’t really read modern comics anymore–stopped about 2010–but up to that point it still handn’t happen.


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