THOR #39-40 (2001): Odin & Surtur die

Thor’s not the star of this saga. How do they kill off Odin and not even have him on the cover?

Both Jake and Thor are injured, so Jane Foster tells them they should all go to Asgard to heal–which leads to Thor being separated from Jake.

That’s good.

Thor then goes into a healing coma in Asgard, and is unconscious when Surtur appears on Earth. An army of Asgardians, with Kurse, Beta Ray Bill, and Hercules, fight Surtur.

Thor comes out of his healing magic place early–so he is weakened–and joins in. So does Thor Girl. But only Odin can defeat Surtur and he does–but has to do a kamikaze dive to make it happen.

While he really is dead–and so is Surtur–they’ll both find their way back to life eventually.

Meanwhile, Enchantress is up to no good on Earth and meets someone with a magic mirror who is back from the dead and crushes on her. (Yeah, of course it will be revealed to be Executioner.)

Great art, solid story, and the death of Odin will be in place for many years.

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