UNCANNY X-MEN #340 (1997)

It is so hard to read the x-books these days. Few of them are standalone, and they all tell such short pieces of big narratives that it feels like nothing ever happens and we just keep getting strung along. Much of this issue is like that.

The main story has Iceman’s father being beaten by an anti-mutant gang, and Iceman quitting the team to take care of him. I mean, there’s a lot of “emotion” and hand-wringing given that Bobby Drake’s dad has previously been a mutant hater himself, and we see Bobby telling his dad he loves him and forgiving him, but there’s just not a lot of emotional resonance here for me.

Maybe because we’ve seen stories like this over and over–and in fact we’re seeing them in this very series. But I think it’s mostly because of what I started this post talking about: There’s just too much to keep track of, and it’s hard to lose oneself in the story.

Iceman blames Graydon Creed–who has been stoking the fires of anti-mutantism–and it’s justifiable. Mr. Drake was beaten because he wouldn’t give up information about his son.

When Graydon learns that the X-Men are by Mr. Drake’s bedside, he sends some guys to go kill them.

Wolverine sends them away.

Meanwhile, Cannonball is still undercover with the Creed campaign and we see that he hates mutants because he has daddy issues.

Remember, his daddy is Sabretooth.

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