HEROES FOR HIRE #2-3 (1997)

Last issue, Luke Cage declined Danny Rand’s invitation to join his new, charitably oriented pseudo-mercenary group. Now, he joins.

The U-Foes attack and kidnap Luke Cage, taking him to their employer: Master of the World. But it turns out, Master of the World wants to kill off 70% of the world’s population because Earth is low on resources (sound familiar?). He wants to recruit Luke to be a spy on the HfH team. I’m not sure why he’s so worried about Rand’s group when Alpha Flight has rebooted. I guess he knows they’re lame. Anyway, Cage joins the team at the end of the issue.

He’s got a terrible new costume, and we don’t know if he’s really planning to betray them to Master of the World–but we do know that MofW has Controller’s technology.

Meanwhile, Dane Whitman–who was on the cover to #1–is selected by Lady of the Lake to be the new “Pendragon” hero.

Basically, it just means he’s Black Knight again, and he joins the Heroes for Hire in fighting Nitro.

He has a magic word now: “Avalon!” and then he shazams into his Black Knight identity.

Character notes: The new White Tiger can turn into a literal white tiger and Hercules is drinking heavily because he feels he should have been a part of the Onslaught event.

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