WONDER MAN #20-21 (1993)

Last issue, we met the Crazy 8 team of heroes who were standing in for Wonder Man while he was shooting on location.  In this story, he and the 8 team up for the first time. I’m not tagging the Crazy 8s because they never appear after this series ends and I just don’t like them and I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to on this blog. Frankly, reading the mid-90s Marvel comics is pure masochism as it is–I don’t have to spend even more time tagging characters people don’t remember and probably wanted to forget the very first time they read about them.

They fight Rampage and Splice, who are working for Lady Lotus.

That art looks a lot like Mike Mignola.

This book started strong, but it’s dropped in quality rapidly.  I liked when it was a himbo-type book.  Now it just feels generic.

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