DAREDEVIL #312-313 (1993)

As the protector of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil literally investigates the torching of a kitchen. A pizza shop.  It’s a perfectly fine street-level story.

Also, Matt’s a bit of a health nut.

In the same story, Karen eats a shish kabob and he gives her a hard time, too.

I kind of wish they’d done more with this. It’s cute and funny–two things that were sorely needed in the ’90s.

1 thought on “DAREDEVIL #312-313 (1993)”

  1. Hmmmm. In addition to being a health nut, DD is also apparently not the vindictive sort. Didn’t Karen Page sell out DD’s secret ID for an armload of smack back in the Eighties?? The artwork on her here seems to suggest that her heroin/porn-starlet phase certainly hasn’t had any deleterious effects on her health or cute-factor. ( in our world, and, TRIPLE-especially, in the funnybook realms, a woman’s cute-factor is EVERYTHING ) If she had thrown MY ass under the bus like that, she could KISS it!!! Some sins, mistakes, and transgressions CANNOT be reversed, or forgiven, and I firmly believe that Karen Page’s Eighties betrayal of the Man Without Fear is one of them! As noted, DD is, apparently, possessed of a more forgiving soul than I am. It is what it is.


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