LONGSHOT #1 (1985): 1st Longshot

This book was my introduction to Art Adams, a ridiculously talented artist who would profoundly influence the next wave of comic book art to come. 

It’s also the first appearance of Longshot, who is introduced as a fugitive with amnesia and a basic lack of understanding about the world in general. This scene is funny…

He’s being hunted by some wild looking crazies.

He escapes through a yellow portal that transports him to Earth, where we see him displaying a series of remarkably lucky happenings.  In fact, it’s a power of his…

He meets some street folks and a talking warthoggy creature named Magog, who also came through a portal from Longshot’s world.  That will be his sidekick.  Sort of.

Longshot also displays a psychic ability to touch a kidnapped baby’s toy doll and know where the child is being held, so he gets to be a superhero right out of the gate.

And of course we meet Spiral.

She and Magog’s father took the baby. 

Longshot saves the kid, of course, and returns it to its mother, and the lore…

And that’s where issue #1 ends.  A fine start to this important, highly revered mini–it’s one of the best miniseries of the ’80s.

Also, Ann Nocenti owns a deli.

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