HEROES REBORN (2000-2001)

I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. Basically, it’s about the world left behind after all the 616 heroes are pulled out of the pocket dimension created by Franklin Richards and returned to the 616.

Doctor Doom and Lancer try to restore order on that planet, which finds itself under Celestial attack. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that until I read this i didn’t realize that a lot of canon 616 characters had not been returned along with the “big name” heroes, and were still stuck on counter earth, like Lady Dorma, Rikki Barnes, and others..

There’s really not much here, unless you just want slightly different takes on minor characters like Rikki Barnes and an adventure centering around Doctor Doom as a benevolent world leader. Or if you want to see some really talented artists.

Issues in the event:

  • Heroes Reborn: Doomsday #1
  • Heroes Reborn: Ashema #1 
  • Heroes Reborn: Young Allies #1
  • Heroes Reborn: Rebel #1
  • Heroes Reborn: Masters of Evil #1
  • Heroes Reborn: Remnants #1
  • Heroes Reborn: Doom #1 

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