QUASAR #47-48 (1993)

After Uatu breaks his non-interference oath (again!) and tells Quasar where to find his Quantum Bands, Quasar asks the Avengers to help him go get them back. 

It actually takes a little convincing.

Uatu is such a lawyer.

Note: If you’re confused about that “cosmic fetus,” don’t be. It’s Origin. Same Elder-type cosmic force. I have to confess I don’t really get how and why it became a fetus, but I’m not arguing.

The Starbrand that Quasar has been using as a power source is wearing off, so he needs help before he is fully depowered–that’s why he’s looking to get the Nega Bands again.  Most of the team declines to help, but Thunderstrike is up for it–which is nice of him, given that he hit Quasar repeatedly last issue.

When he gets to where they are, he finds some Marvel Elders waiting for him.  They’re fighting over the bands, but during their bickering (and it really is bickering–the Elders used to be mysterious and powerful figures, but now there’s just too many of them and they act like old ladies).

Judicator is the guy with the white wing costume, second from left. Next to him is Explorer. They’re both new.

After the arguments, Quasar’s buddy Origin simply steps in and gives him back the bands.  After a fight against the Elders, during which Quasar fries off Possessor’s arm, Thunderstrike and Quasar return to Earth.

I think it’s so funny that Possessor, whose Elder function appears to just be taking crap, loses an arm.

While this is going on, Kayla Ballantine is still being prodded by The Dance (an alien race).

She’s also got the Starbrand power.

It’s always fun to read these cosmic stories. They’re silly and broad.

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