1 thought on “X-MEN TEAM JAM ART (1982)”

  1. Some of these sketches are a bit crude, especially considering the quality of the talent, and the point in time of their commission. Colossus is too small, Cyclops is as stiff as a board, and Nightcrawler appears to have developed an osteoporosis hump, ala Igor and Quasimodo. Sienkiewicz’s Wolverine is quite well-done, however, and I don’t believe John Byrne has ever known a bad day at the office. Storm looks just heavenly, as usual- I don’t think she CAN be drawn badly-however, I would rather see her rendered here by Mr. Byrne, who can raise her heavenliness to three-dimensional quality, or at least Dynamic Dave Cockrum, ( RIP ) who always gave her great legs.


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